Sand Sea and Spirit Holistic Conference Retreat

It's more than "Just a vacation."

Rev. Renee' LeBoa

Additional Events with Rev. Renee' Leboa

The following events are held during the month of September at Phoenix VII.

Please read carefully since these are not included as part of the

Sand Sea and Spirit Conference Retreat.

Rev. Renee’ Leboa Offers a Unique Triple Healing Experience.

Renee’ will be at the Beach for the entire month of September offering her Healing Sessions, Meditation Circles, Drum Circles, Soul Collage Wisdom Card Class, Soul Poetry Workshop….

About Rev. Renee'

Reverend Renee’ LeBoa is an Ordained Minister and served as the Senior Pastor of the Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte, North Carolina from 2005 2017. She is a dynamic, humorous, and gifted speaker, bringing to her teaching style a blending of the Ancient Wisdom teachings, World Religions, Metaphysics, and the study of New Thought since 1983.

Rev. Renee’ is a highly sought-after Key Note Speaker for Conferences and Churches across the Nation. In addition to Sunday services and teaching accredited classes on the Science of Mind Philosophy Rev. Renee’ works as a Retreat and Workshop Facilitator, Mentor and Spiritual Coach. She specializes in working with women’s empowerment issues and those with addictions using the 12 steps and the Science of Mind Philosophy.

Her method of teaching is real and down to earth, she uses real life stories to inspire and motivate her listeners. Rev. Renee’s authentic style and openness about her past inspire all who hear her. She is very passionate about her most spoken statement “If I can transform my life, so can you!”

Rev. Renee’s counseling, mentoring and coaching practice is based on the fundamental principles that we are all beings of light. She works with her clients on a one on one basis leading them as they realize a greater and more fulfilling expression of life. Rev. Renee’ focuses on the basic idea that where are all perfect whole and complete, sometimes we just need a reminder.

Rev. Renee’ is a classically trained accomplished vocalist with two CD’s. She has been a featured soloist on TV and Stage, as well as a featured Soloist for the Charlotte City Wide Inner Faith Thanks Giving Service, Conferences, and Centers across the United States and abroad.

She is an Author, Improvisational Actor/ Comedian

Rev. Renee’ is affiliated with the following organization: Affiliated New Thought Network, Mecklenburg Ministries, Association for Global New Member of Affiliated New Thought Network and, Interracial Part of the Annual Conference Planning Committee.

New Thought, American Associations for Children with Aids, The Threshold Society, Outreach Africa, Habitat for Humanity, Positive Music Association, International New Thought Alliance, Rosie’s Place. Crisis Assistance, Urban ministries, Out Reach Africa, School in Kenya, Time Out Youth, The Freedom Center for Social Justice, Human Rights Organization, Brave Heart Women, Wise Women.

It is her life’s work to reach back and extend a hand to all whom have not found their internal light yet. Along with her musical background and clarity for teaching the principles of the Science of Mind, Rev. Renee’ is a gifted leader as she believes that our community should be a beacon for all whom are searching for a higher truth

Soul Credo Workshop

Create the Design for your Souls Purpose in this 2 hour session and walk away with direction, awareness and your credo for living!

Soul Collage Wisdom Card - Workshop

Design and create your own deck of Soul Cards. You will not only be surprised by what the cards want to say to you, but you will realize that you are your own healer, and visionary. You will learn to be your own guide with this personalized deck of Soul Card, created by you for you.   

Quantum Light Therapy – Reiki Session - Accompanied by a Body Mind Spirit Affirmative Mind Alignment. 

  • Light Therapy delivers healing and positive changes at the cellular level.  Aids in biologic effective healing, a beautiful and non-invasive way to “enlighten your cells and promote definite healing.
  • Affirmative Mind Alignment is a method in which reminds your subconscious of the truth of your Divine Healing and Manifestation abilities.
  • Renee’ is a gifted Reiki Master and Empathic Healer with over 20 years of experience.

Bundle For Month of September $150

Soul Credo Creation

Soul Collage Wisdom Cards Creation

Triple Play  Private Healing Session 

Benefits of Reiki, Light Therapy and Affirmative Prayer as a triple healing session are:

  • Clarity and Focus
  • Realignment with Life Purpose and Direction
  • Feeling of Well-Being and Peace
  • Deeper Connections to Universal Intelligence
  • Realignment of Life Force
  • Opens Chakras
  • Increased Circulation
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Stimulates Release and Production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
  • Reduces Pain
  • Stress Reduction
  • Reduces Inflammation