Sand Sea and Spirit Holistic Conference Retreat

It's more than "Just a vacation."

Kimberli Ridgeway D.N.H.

Kimberli is a Spiritual Healer and has worked with the alternative healing arts for about 2 decades. Kimberli started her journey into the realm of the unseen as a child. Then in her 20’s she trained on the Tuallip Indian reservation with a Grandmother known as NaNa. Kimberli’s Native American name is Soul Retriever. The art of Soul Retrieval involves finding where the soul is damaged and losing precious life force and bringing a person back to spiritual wholeness. This process can be used for those who are with or without a body.

Kimberli further trained with a beautiful healer and natropathic Doctor named Linda Ogg. Linda taught her aspects of intuitive healing and working with the whole body. Linda had a strong faith in God and believed that healing could occur when allowed.

Kimberli has also studied under Stephanie Relfe, author of THE MARS RECORDS. She has learned many techniques, gained valuable insight and had her eyes opened to many possibilities that exist beyond our realm of knowing. Under Relfe, Kimberli learned how to do the Wernicke’s command corrections for deeply healing the subconscious mind.

Kimberli has a Doctorate of Natural Health from Kingdom College. She has been a Sports massage therapist and worked with minor league hockey as well as football players on all levels from high school to Pro. She has also worked on the road with Jim Henson and Stomp Productions.

Over the years, she has seen many things, things that defy a normal explanation. She has followed these deviations from the norm to help restore the people she was working with to a state of peace. She has also made unique formulas for her clients for many years. Now she is sharing her talents with you. Her formulas for these products are based on the Fibonacci sequence. As well as Ghoul B. Gone, Kimberli formulates the ESP Botanicals Organic Skincare line.

Kimberli has recently relocated to beautiful Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. This area known as Manataka by the Native Americans and means Place of Peace. In these hills are mined some of the worlds most beautiful crystals. Combine that with the natural hot water mineral spas and you can understand the beauty of the vibration that Manatka provides.

Since moving to Hot Springs, Kimberli has been studying with a Master healer and teacher, Starr Fuentes. She has completed the Divine Intervention course of study and learned the loudest most specific prayer that can be said. She has been ordained into the church of Divine Intervention and is now, Rev. Dr. Kimberli Ridgeway.

She hopes you will feel the beauty, peace, balance, LOVE and power of her surroundings reflected in her products.                      501-538-2346

Jamie Robertson

"Living in Orange Beach and being a yoga teacher here is such a dream come true for me.   I'm doing things that I love with people that I adore  and for me, that's what happiness is.  My passion is inspiring people to believe in themselves no matter where they are in their journey.  I want to empower others to do the work that it takes to overcome the barriers and stories that steal joy, peace, & abundance. Yoga is a fun and powerful way to transform not only your body, but your entire life.  I'm a speech therapist in the Baldwin County School System and the founder of the Gulf Coast Youth Mindfulness Project where we bring youth yoga/mindfulness classes and training to children, teachers, and parents in local communities. My most recent endeavor is Orange Beach Yoga & Wellness, which opened in August 2017 at the Wharf, come check out our beautiful waterfront studio!"  
- Jamie Robertson  RYT-200

Karen Rollins

For more than 20 years, Karen has presented at numerous events, expos, and radio shows across the country. 

Her passion -“Creating a safe environment for all to reach their Divine Potential” incorporates the belief of balance between body, mind and spirit. Blending the properties of how energy translates through physical and non-physical worlds, she incorporates a variety of teachings when assisting others.

Karen has been an intuitive all her life. Her abilities have assisted thousands; providing insights and options by their higher/greater self, angels and spirit guides. This ability to sense energy and auras enhances her medical intuitive sessions.  Supporting this intuitive sense is training in Esoteric Healing, Raindrop Technique®, Facial Reflexology, Full Body Reflexology, Electronic Kinesiology, VitaTherapy, Foot Vita-Flex, and Natural Electro-Magnetic Process.

With a global client base, she provides phone sessions or appointments in person, empowering others to be at their Optimum Health and Vitality.            Cell: 337-794-0062   

Peggy Shafer

Peggy Shafer is a Happiness Coach,  Channel for the Divine Feminine, Author, Life Celebrations Officiant, Energy Worker and Social Justice Activist.

Peggy's "Happy on Purpose" coaching for individuals and couples draws on her previous career and personal counseling, financial advising and college psychology teaching experience, as well as her own personal life skills. Her philosophy is "If it's not fun I'm not doing it.", so she gladly shares with her clients how to choose happiness, fun and joy in their own lives.

Having facilitated or been a participant in powerful women's circles for most of her life (including the good fortune of journaling with our beloved Nettie Morse) Peggy knows that women's power is in their own stories. . She's currently collecting stories of triumph and thriving in spite of adversity, which will be complied into her upcoming book. Peggy writes, occasionally blogs and happily coaches her clients around the world from Asheville, NC. She and her husband Tom have one very spoiled Siamese cat.

Rev. Christy Snow

Christy Snow is a Charlotte based singer/songwriter with a live show that carries the listener away. She has been voted one of Charlotte's best female vocalists by Creative Loafing magazine.  Delivering percussive acoustic guitar, rich vocals, life affirming lyrics and a captivating stage presence, Christy sings about life, love and our connection to one another.  She weaves in the enchanting and hypnotic Native American Flute as well as humorous storytelling.

Performing at venues from churches to bars, women’s festivals to folk festivals, Christy shares her journey of authenticity through music and stories.  With 10 independently released CDs to her credit her music receives airplay across the globe.  Christy’s shows leave her listeners uplifted and inspired to live a life of purpose and passion.

Concerts ~ Speaking Engagements ~ Churches ~ Conferences ~ Women’s Festivals ~ Clubs & Listening Rooms ~ Radio Host ~ Interfaith Activist ~ Classes & Coaching                      

Lori Vickers, CHt

Lori Vickers is a Certified Hypnotherapist through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and has been in private practice since 2005. Her personal sessions offer clients support regarding their stress, fear elimination, past life regression, personal growth, spiritual growth, behavioral considerations to modify, confidence building, self worth, insomnia and unconditional love. 

In addition to private sessions, Lori also has a gift of clearing negative energy from homes, channeling with loved ones and supporting those in transition during the time of human death. 

Lori can help you with the experience of the human death, allowing you to find birth of awareness, the place of higher self as you find total forgiveness and realize unconditional love. Your Spirit journey continues.

Patricia Wright Stover

Since childhood, Patricia has poked boundaries.

Patricia being told "You can't do that - you're a girl" only challenged her to say "What does being a girl have to do with it?"

We are all sent here with gifts and a purpose.

During this workshop, Patricia shares some of her experiences on how to accomplish this and how to progress forward.

Patricia is a long time participant of Sand Sea and Spirit. Her personal and professional life, as well as her belief system, reflect her personal life of "poking boundaries."