Sand Sea and Spirit Holistic Conference Retreat

It's more than "Just a vacation."

Nancy Laird

Nancy M. Laird - is a Social Worker and trained group facilitator. Nancy loves to explore new and different ways to tap into the right brain and creative part of who we are. “Come and play with me, the best is yet to be.....”  

Nancy loves to play with colors and loves to share her tools and info for others to create and have fun. Nancy is an OSU trained group facilatator and presently is a trainer for the Americorps workers on West Side of Cincinnati.

Nancy is a trained Reiki Teaching Master and has been a Practitioner since 1991 and received her Master Reiki Attunement at Sand Sea and Spirit in 1994. Nancy wants to share Reiki with everyone in order to better the world.

Rev. Renee' Leboa 

Reverend Renee' LeBoa is an Ordained Minister and served as the Senior Pastor of the Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte, North Carolina since 2005. She also served as a Pastor at Spiritual LIGHT & LIVING Center of Charlotte.

Rev. Renee' is a dynamic, humorous and gifted speaker, bringing to her teaching style a blending of the Ancient Wisdom teachings, World Religions, Metaphysics and the study of New Thought since 1983.

During Sand Sea and Spirit Rev. Renee’ Leboa Offers a Unique Triple Healing Experience. 

Quantum Light Therapy – Reiki Session - Accompanied by a Body Mind Spirit Affirmative Mind Alignment. 

Special Pricing for SSS. $60 – 60 Min Sessions.  A Dollar a minute.

Private Sessions By Appointment Only

  • Light Therapy delivers healing and positive changes at the cellular level.  Aids in biologic effective healing, a beautiful and non-invasive way to “enlighten your cells and promote definite healing.
  • Affirmative Mind Alignment is a method in which reminds your subconscious of the truth of your Divine Healing and Manifestation abilities.
  • Renee’ is a gifted Reiki Master and Empathic Healer with over 20 years of experience.

Dave Marple

I enjoyed my early years of life being a typical boy in a small southeastern Ohio town (riding bikes until dark, playing baseball, basketball and football, and listening to the great music of the 60’s). After four years in the Air Force as an airborne Russian voice processor, I attended Ohio University and earned several degrees (BA, BS, MBA). The last 35 years, I have spent in the Columbus, Ohio area making a living as a mainframe programmer.

One my favorite authors is Thich Nhat Hanh. I firmly believe in the “Law of Attraction” (we create our own luck). My favorite bands are “The Rolling Stones” and “America”. I’m a big Ohio State Buckeye fan.  I feel a strong connection to Mother Earth. And, many of my friends refer to me as “Tree Hugger” or “Old Hippie”.  I love that.

This year at SSS, I will be showing a documentary on seeds (how seed varieties are disappearing, and the passionate effort to reverse this disturbing trend). It is important that we become the change we wish to see in the world.

Justine Marple

Justine began to pursue her passion for art in 1994 after a career at AT&T. Through her business Prosperity Creations, she makes and sells custom designed jewelry, soaps, and gifts.  This year she created journals to complement her journalling class featured each year. Justine showcases her many creative talents in the Retail Space for those interested in purchasing her one of a kind creations.    


Brenda Aranda Martinez, LCSW

Brenda L. Aranda Martinez is an LCSW with 18 years counseling experience. Brenda has had a lifelong passion for writing and art, and a deep interest in the search for meaning and purpose though spiritual and psychological development. After Hurricane Katrina, Brenda was trained through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in a holistic approach to working with people experiencing trauma. She has worked with people with chronic mental illness; mental, physical, and sexual abuse; chronic and terminal illnesses; death and loss; and with war veterans.

Brenda’s other interests include comparative religions and spirituality, Jungian psychology and philosophy, metaphysics, anthropology, archeology, quantum physics, and ecology. She also has an interest in reading, gardening, and genealogy.

Paul Martinez, M.Ed

Paul Martinez, M.Ed. is a former Roman Catholic priest with 37 years experience as a spiritual director, teacher and group leader. His formal studies include Theology, Comparative Religions, Reiki, Ritual Design, Counseling and Human Development and training through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in alternative interventions for treating people experiencing stress and trauma.

Paul teaches and offers spiritual direction as Director of Spiritual Education at Unity of Metairie.

John Morris, LMT

John Morris is a dual citizen missionary. A global family world without labels is a theme in his efforts as educator, artist, and massage therapist.

His non-profit embraces multiple demographics.


Betty Sue O'Brian

I am not certified in medicine; however, I am a Natural Physician from the Wise Woman School of Medicine.  Most of my mentors are herbalists and holistic nutritionists.  I do have degrees: my Undergraduate degrees are in dietetics and writing.  I have a Masters Degree, and a Natural Physician Diploma from the School of Natural Medicine in Colorado.

For the last 50 or so years, I have had a keen interest in food; not only do I like to eat, but I enjoy learning about its properties.  It is my belief that food is the best medicine; as Michael Polin says, “Eat real food, mostly plants.” 

I operate a school that teaches a variety of naturopathic courses, including Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbalism, RBTI Professional, A & P for Naturopaths and more.  Courses are online and in person. One of my proudest accomplishments is being the President  of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association.  Also, being chosen in 2016 as Iridologist of the Year.

While many see the times with foreboding and fear, I see expansion of new ideas, a keen interest in matters of health, and a growing interest from the public about natural cures/health in general.  My life’s work has become, “What makes people get sick?”  Today, I lecture on this topic. 

Books by Betty Sue:

  • Six Weeks to a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Going Green…The Smoothie Way
  • Causations: Using Iridology to Clarify Sclerology 
  • Iridology:  The Core Curriculum

My latest book is a cookbook:  Healthy Substitutions For Foods We Love To Eat