Sand Sea and Spirit Holistic Conference Retreat

It's more than "Just a vacation."

Joe Asselin - A Celebration of Life

Having transitioned on Sunday, December 29, 2013
we celebrate the wisdom and wit of Joe Asselin.

Joe's Way, The Way of the Heart

A Memorial Poem by Kara Kelley

How does one prepare oneself for an

By quieting oneself sufficiently inside
such that you can listen for and hear
the whispers

Because Ephiphany's talk softly to
the self on the way into your

Joe   June 3, 2013

In pursuit of otherness.
Self and Other?
I remember when it all began! The
start of the chase: The Journey.
Do you remember?

Joe   March 23, 2013



It is a cool crisp morning in mid-January. Everywhere
is a blanket of fine snow crystals, the air is sharp
and clear, lying under the watchful eye of the vivid
blue sky above. In the air, "dancing" and 'drifting',
float the pearly forms of small snow crystals. The It
is just above 0 degrees, holding just the right
balance of ingredients of air, sunshine and landscape,
to make for a mind blinding experience,

Joe        January 22, 2011